Coming out of the jungle…

After having spent years trying out different eating approaches to heal my sensitive gut, the Ayurvedic eating approach felt like a deep “breathing out”… and an arrival in a safe harbour.

Ayurvedic Eating guidelines are simple and logical. Much depends on your body type and your constitution, as to what food and spices will be best for you.

Here are some general guidelines, which made a huge difference to me:

  • Our gut environment is tropical, warm and moist so ingesting warm, cooked and moist foods are easiest digested
  • Eat your biggest meal at lunch time, as this is when your digestive system (your digestive fire) is the strongest, and the sun is at its highest point in the sky
  • Don’t put your digestive fire out by drinking cold or iced drinks around eating times
  • Take time to eat, sit down in a calm environment, give thanks for your food and experience mindfully what you are eating
  • Eat at a moderate pace and chew the food well
  • Listen to your body to see when you have eaten enough – only eat to about 80% capacity  
  • Sip warm teas or water throughout the day
  • Allow about 3 hours in-between your meals without snacking, so that your digestive system can do its job – and have a break
  • Eat whole, organic foods whenever possible, and prepare your meals with care and love

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