Ayurveda means paying attention! To hear your body and your heart, even when they whisper…

‘Feminine form’ Ayurveda means allowing, yielding, feeling into… a holistic approach to health which takes many aspects into account. It is the contrary to the linear approach of “lets fix it!” [read more]

Originally from Germany, I’ve been living in Cape Town since 1998, and have a 14-year-old son. My biggest journey has been to come home to myself and my body, in the midst of infertility, stress, Hashimoto’s, gut issues and menopause… connecting with myself, my own innate wisdom and with nature, mainly through the ancient feminine wisdom & self-care of Ayurveda. [read more]

“Because of Claudia’s heartfelt warmth, care and incredible knowledge, I felt deeply nurtured and mentally stimulated after each session. I never thought that changing one’s lifestyle could be achieved in such a gentle and joyful way like I experienced with Claudia.” [read more]

Work with me:
We will begin with a free 20-minute clarity call, after which we can decide if / how we will work together further. [read more]

Join us for a ‘CREATIVELY SENSUAL Immersion‘ – a collaboration between Dominique Hazell and myself

Where: The Greenhouse, Constantia |  When: Saturday 9th March 2024  |  Time: 10h00 – 16h00

In my workshops I focus on bite size chunks of Ayurveda which will be interesting stepping stones for you to explore the different aspects of Ayurveda:

  • Establishing a good Ayurvedic Routine
  • Ayurveda Inside and Out – Food & Food as Skin Care 
  • Ayurvedic Cooking
  • Understanding the Elements and Qualities in Nature and in us
    [read more]

Ayurveda Retreats with me are slow, nourishing and relaxing. I want you to come away from them deeply rejuvenated and with a good toolkit to implement some of the wonderful Ayurvedic daily routines at home, with ease and pleasure. [read more]

I facilitate home cleanses twice a year, online and with WhatsApp support.

When nature transitions from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Fall – our bodies are needing some attention so they can transition into these different seasons of the year with ease. We require different qualities in our life and food in the changing seasons, and we want to mark this physically and mentally, so that we flow more in tune with nature. [read more]

Next Guided Cleanse: 14 – 21 April ’24

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