About Me

Originally from Germany, I live in Cape Town with my husband Richard and our 14-year-old son Jesse.

My biggest journey has been to come home to myself and my body, in the midst of infertility, stress, Hashimoto’s, gut issues and menopause… connecting with myself, my own innate wisdom and with nature, mainly through the ancient feminine wisdom & self-care of Ayurveda.

I have always had an interest in health and healthy living. I first came across Ayurveda when on a sabbatical in 2007, where it helped me to make a pivotal decision and ultimately led to me having my son today…

Then Ayurveda crossed my path again when a dear friend gifted me a panchakarma at the beautiful Sitaram Beach Retreat in India/Kerala for my 50th birthday.  That’s when the wisdom really sunk in, and I felt the benefits!!

I began to study Ayurveda in earnest at the beginning of 2020 with Nidhi Pandya.

Lockdown then allowed me to really go for what I wanted to do, and to dive into it fully. I’ve recently completed my final year as an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach with Katy Silcox at the Shakti School… and loved every minute of it.