We will begin with a free 20-minute clarity call, after which we can decide if / how we will work together further.

How will an Ayurvedic program look like?

I will send you a comprehensive intake form. This starts your journey, and your participation in it… you’ll get a chance to share your story and general health issues in detail.

1) The first of our one-on-one sessions (the Initial Intake Session) can take up to 2 hours, as we go through your form together and get to know your story. I will ask you questions based on the answers in your form.. We’ll discuss your health history, concerns and goals… and then we’ll design a holistic, creative, and embodied plan of action, based on your needs.

2) In the second 1 on 1 session, we will get into you unique mind-body type. Based on the initial intake consultation and my evaluation, I will put together a personalized holistic plan for you: a blueprint of your unique nature and imbalances. From this place I will design a protocol for how to begin the process of healing. Each session may include recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle practices, self care and also additional practices like meditation, ritual, or breathwork. I will provide you with easy and yummy recipes and materials along the way! 

3) Follow-Up sessions : Following these two initial sessions, we will meet bi-weekly (60-70 minute sessions) to discuss your progress and integrate more of the beautiful Ayurvedic tools.

Because each person is different – and health and healing take time – a 3 month program, consisting of 6 coaching sessions, is ideal.

Ayurveda works slowly and steadily, so that it can be a sustainable lifestyle change.

Your Ayurvedic Journey includes:

  • Customized treatment plan based on your individual needs and goals
  • Initial Intake Session (1.5 – 2hrs)
  • 60 – 70-minute follow up sessions. A minimum of 3 sessions is required.
    6 sessions are generally ideal (allowing for a 3-month journey with 2 coaching sessions per month)
  • WhatsApp/e-mail support between sessions, available as needed
  • Safe, loving space to explore your needs and goals in an ongoing supportive, healing relationship
    I will be your Ayurvedic mentor & cheerleader!  

Some Package Suggestions…

Healing the gut with Ayurveda
Feelings of being bloated, heavy after eating, tired after eating, reflux, IBS are not normal – even though one hears of so many people with these symptoms – that it almost feels normal.
However, it needn’t be like this!
Food can be pure nourishment and joy. It doesn’t need to be complicated, if eaten at the right time, in the right quantity, in the right way.
Getting to know yourself here will be the biggest factor, presencing, awareness and listening to the cues of your body. This is Ayurveda applied, and in my 6 – 8 week plan I will be your guide and cheerleader every step of the way.
The program will be tailor-made to exactly what you need.

Transform your eating habits effortlessly and in harmony with your unique constitutional blueprint.
This package is for people who would like to find a more healthy and balanced way of eating and cooking in everyday life. This is about bringing back the joy into eating and cooking with very simple and pleasurable Ayurvedic principles and tools.

Love your kitchen again – and the cooking process – and make it sacred.

We will move from rushing and producing a quick meal – and grazing in between meals – to enjoying the process of cooking on every level – and feeling nourished and satisfied by the meal itself.

From Overwhelm and Stress into a Calm Nervous System
Through Somatic practices and bringing Ayurvedic rhythms and rituals into your life, we will ground your nervous system and bring you back to feeling calm, connected and at ease – instead of stressed and overwhelmed.

Once again, this is completely tailor-made package for what you need and what you are currently struggling with. I will be on your side throughout the 6 – 8 week process and will assist you in implementing tools for greater ease and wellbeing.


Ayurvedic Health Packages and Plans Include:

Initial Intake Session (1.5 – 2hrs) + Additional follow-up sessions of 60 – 70 minutes each

  • 3 session package =
  • 6 session package = (recommended)
  • 10 session package =

Custom packages are also available & payment plans are always an option. Sessions take place either in person or online via Zoom. 

Please enquire for more information. 


“I knew very little about Ayurveda before entering the coaching intervention with Claudia. I had no idea how much my health and quality of life could improve, just by implementing a few changes to my daily routine. I love the Ayurvedic approach of not taking away – but rather adding to – in order to reach a more balanced life rhythm. With Claudia’s assistance, letting go of some unsuitable habits was so gentle that I hardly noticed them go, and I valued her non-judgmental approach in each session. Claudia helped me find out what works best for me, and assisted in bringing this change into practice. Because of Claudia’s heartfelt warmth, care and incredible knowledge, I felt deeply nurtured and mentally stimulated after each session. I never thought that changing one’s lifestyle could be achieved in such a gentle and joyful way like I experienced with Claudia.”
Silke Lasslop


“Claudia’s warmth, integrity, and deep understanding of Ayurveda is inspirational. Upon meeting her, you are immediately put at ease, as she creates, with care and intention, the safe space necessary for your healing journey. I have loved working with Claudia and found our time together thus far hugely insightful. I experienced subtle shifts in my overall wellness almost immediately, as I slowly integrated the Ayurvedic principles into my daily life. An absolute highlight for me, are the summary emails Claudia sends post coaching session, where she extracts the wisdoms uncovered in the session, and shares them along with relevant Ayurvedic tips, rituals, and delicious recipes. These serve as a valuable point of reference for looking back and moving forward. Claudia is a true healer, professional, knowledgeable, passionate about Ayurveda and dedicated to her clients and their health.”
Candice Poole (Business owner, and mom of three)


“Thank you, Claudia. I found you to be a gentle and intuitive coach – so passionate about Ayurveda, so much Knowledge to share. You were understanding about how I was feeling at each moment of my journey with you. I would recommend you as a coach any day!!”
Charmaine Roberts


“I attended a few online Ayurveda sessions with Claudia. I was only inquisitive about Ayurveda and how it could help me with my gut problems. I never went too deep into it. Claudia was very professional and explained everything very well. I did adopt several new habits that she suggested and they definitely did help with my gut health and also my consciousness around eating.”
Mark Chipps

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